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  • June 3, 2010

    Potential Safe-Distance Reduction for NJ Bowhunters Causing a Stir

    By Chad Love

    From the letter in the

    Email and phone messages are flying around the state among animal activists. New Jersey's Senate and Environment and Energy Committee will vote Thursday on S1181 ˜ cutting from 450 to 150 feet the bow-hunting safety zone, giving bow hunters access to more land, closer to homes. Activists are urging one another to urge committee members to vote NO on S1181 before Thursday's action on this critical issue.

  • May 12, 2010

    A Hardcore Hunter on "The Bachelorette"

    By Chad Love

    I'm sure all you outdoorsy he-men out there wouldn’t be caught dead having anything to do with that ABC reality dating show "The Bachelorette," right? Uh, well not exactly. It seems one contestant on the upcoming season is quite the outdoorsman...

    From the story

    'The Bachelorette' Sneak Peek: Name an Animal, He's Shot It

    Meet Ali Fedotowsky's new dream guy, Kyle. He's a mountain man from Colorado who enjoys hunting, skinning the animals he hunts, mounting those skinned animals he hunts on his walls and ... more hunting.

  • May 7, 2010

    Hunter Invents a Fart-Proof Blanket!

    By Dave Hurteau

    Activated carbon isn’t just for hunting clothes anymore--and that’s all I’m going to say about it. I’ll let Fox 2 News in Detroit take it from there:
    Marriage can stink -- unless couples have a fart-absorbing blanket.

    Science teacher Frank Bibbo has created "The Better Marriage Blanket," a comforter made of activated carbon fabric that solves the age-long problem of gas among couples in bed.

  • May 7, 2010

    Chad Love: When "Smart Dust" Replaces Trail Cams

    By Chad Love

    While the conversation about trail cams over at Whitetail 365 is certainly an interesting one, it may very well be moot. Why? Because technology-wise, trail cams are so...20th-Century. Tomorrow's wired hunter won’t be lugging around any big, heavy, boxy cameras, they'll be spreading smart dust around their favorite spots...
    From this story on
    In the 1990s, a researcher named Kris Pister dreamed up a wild future in which people would sprinkle the Earth with countless tiny sensors, no larger than grains of rice. These "smart dust" particles, as he called them, would monitor everything, acting like electronic nerve endings for the planet. Fitted with computing power, sensing equipment, wireless radios and long battery life, the smart dust would make observations and relay mountains of real-time data about people, cities and the natural environment. Now, a version of Pister's smart dust fantasy is starting to become reality. "It's exciting. It's been a long time coming," said Pister, a computing professor at the University of California, Berkeley. "I coined the phrase 14 years ago. So smart dust has taken a while, but it's finally here."

  • May 4, 2010

    Oregon May Make Blaze Orange Mandatory in 2011

    By Chad Love

    Oregon hunters may have to wear blaze orange next year. This is making some of them see red...
    From this story on Oregon Public Broadcasting

  • April 23, 2010

    Scent Elimination For Terrorists?

    By Dave Hurteau

    With each new “scent-elimination” product comes the same old question: Does it work? Well, in the case of Ozonic’s new HR-100, the answer seems to be yes, according to both the FBI and the NYPD. That’s the good new for hunters.

    The bad news for humanity: The unit was tested by the FBI and NYPD to determine if it could be effectively used by criminals or terrorists to skirt the noses of drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs—and the uncomfortable answer to that question also seems to be yes.

  • April 22, 2010

    Why Sportsmen Don't Need Earth Day

    By Chad Love

    Today is Earth Day, a time when many people are looking for ways to unplug from modern living's frantic, continuously-updated, 24-hour cycle of white noise and just get back to the real. A little peace. A little quiet. A little solitude.
    From the story in the New York Times:
    For the last 16 years, Nick Fahey has been living on an island in the San Juan archipelago north of Puget Sound, in Washington state, where his only full-time companion is a 26-year-old quarter horse called Ig. Mr. Fahey, 67, lives in a cabin on 100 wooded acres that has been in his family since 1930; it has no refrigerator, but there is electricity generated by solar panels, so he has light and can charge his cellphone.

  • April 21, 2010

    Supreme Court Okays Hunting Shows

    By Dave Hurteau

    Last October, I told you that the Supreme Court was about to hear a case that would decide whether or not you get to watch your favorite hunting videos and TV shows (see previous coverage). Well, it’s decided. And you can go ahead and watch.

  • April 19, 2010

    Bow-Hunting Is In, Scooters Are Out

    By Chad Love

    From this story in the Wall Street Journal:
    Wondering what happened to all those people that used to ride their scooters in front of your car? They're out hunting with crossbows now. 

    There was a meteoric 13.5% increase in the number of people hunting with bows from 2008 to 2009 because several states lifted bans on them in the past two years, according to a recent Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association survey of 40,141 people. Mark Hughes, owner of Bowhunters Superstore in Pennsylvania˜where a ban was lifted last year˜says crossbow sales boomed because they're an easy way for people to hunt without much skill. "It's just point and shoot," he says.

  • April 16, 2010

    Chad Love: Got What it Takes to Kill A Trophy Tofu Buck?

    By Chad Love

    Are you a hard-core gamer, but also a militant vegan who has major philosophical issues with video games depicting the wanton killing of fellow sentient creatures? Or perhaps you're an anti-hunter but way deep down in your secret happy place, you just wanna shoot something? Or maybe you're a hunter who's sick and tired of having your vegetarian friends constantly harping about how damn unhealthy meat is, and how damn wonderful tofu is and are always trying to get you to try the disgusting little gelatinous blobs of pre-formed bean mucus. Can there possibly be one game out there to make such wildly divergent people happy? Actually, yes.