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  • September 30, 2007

    A Slogan for PETA

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I once had rocks hurled at me as I flyfished a western river, by a band of PETA puppets who sped off into the sunset before I could thank them for their gestures (perhaps with one of my own).

    Alas, when I saw this deliciously politically-incorrect slogan from Nautilus (one of my very favorite makers of reels), I knew right away it was Fflogger material ...


  • September 29, 2007

    Laces that Last

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Here you go Kirk, laces that last. Haven't tried em, but I have to imagine metal laces are going to last more than twenty river days. Korkers makes this lace free system that incorporates switchable soles as well.

  • September 28, 2007

    Streamer Junkies Unite

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    Last week at the Fly Fishing Video Film Awards the guys at showed their flick to a packed house in Denver. While the whole movie is entertaining this thirty second gem is by far and away the highlight and got the crowd fired up. Beware - viewing might make you call in sick, grab your six weight and bang the banks with streamers for the next week.

    Be sure to click on the link to as it will surely make you laugh.



  • September 27, 2007

    Real Men of Genius ... Mr. IGFA Line Class World Record Chaser (Reprise)

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I know what my next post will be (it's on me, as Tim heads off to ICAST)... but it's a time-sensitive deal (and I'm going out early with Charlie Meyers of the Denver Post to catch the early callibaetis hatch via float tube tomorrow), so I'll set it up with this oldie, but goodie. A reprise of Fly Talk's first "real men of genius" installment, in case you missed it the first time around. Feel free to chime in. I'll be back at you in a bit.


    Today we salute you, Mr. IGFA Line Class World Record Chaser ...
    Because you've bought into the notion that the smaller the diameter, the more the fun.
    (I live for small tippet!)
    So you'll hook fish by the score, and, after $12,000 in guide fees, a trail of broken leader that could wrap around the Equator, and a stroke of dumb luck, you'll eventually land the big one ...
    (Take that Lefty!)
    Once the carcass is on ice, you boogie for the dock, and the "certified scale" at Mario's Meat Market. 'Cause from now on, your name will be synonymous with the lesser green spotted, white tiger-striped, shortfin sea bass.
    (I got the proof!)
    So crack open a cold Bud Light, oh Master of the Monofilament ...
    Brett Favre, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan have nothing on you. You're the "Record Man!"
    And in a mere 6-8 months, you'll have that coveted wall certificate to prove it.

  • September 26, 2007

    Give the People What They Want ... Laces that Last

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    At this year's FFR Expo in Denver (where the big manufacturers debut the new stuff) I saw, for the first time in several years, things that I'd consider revolutionary beyond hype:Laces_2

    Rods light as feathers that cast like a dream, lines that float and shoot light years beyond the norm, ultra-light waders, boots, and vests. All good. But they're going to cost you, trust me.
    While I am completely jazzed about this new innovation renaissance in flyfishing, I am still left feeling somewhat empty. What I really, really want, when all is said and done, is a set of wader boot laces that might last more than, say, 20 river days. Deliver me from the frayed patchwork of knots and braids for less than $5. Make those laces ... and maybe an air freshener for my truck that smells like frying bacon ... and you'll have my soul and allegiance forever.

  • September 25, 2007

    Week No. 4 NFL Fly Challenge

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    By Anthony Bartkowski

    I finally claimed winnings in the office pool, going 11-5 overall. It was not first but second paid out enough for a nice lunch. I am sticking with the same flies as last week and will feature only five of the 14 games. I have selected those that are the toughest to decide upon and will be looking into the magical waters of the South Platte River system to determine the outcome, which provides greater visions than the ESPN’s Swami Chris Berman.

    I was finally able to spend a day in my recliner with the remote, junk food, beer and a large screen TV to observe the action of NFL Sunday. For the season I am a combined 33-15. May the winning ways continue into the Super Bowl in Phoenix, only 131 days away.

    Five teams are still in search of their first victory, while five others are trying to remain perfect.

    Game #1:

    Baltimore Ravens – Purple Prince

    At Cleveland Browns – Chernobyl Ant

    Is it possible to have Cleveland at Cleveland? The dog pound will be rabid with passion for their former squad. One of my great tips for hot summer fishing is hopper-dropper-emerger. Put the foam Chernobyl Ant on top as the indicator and drop the Purple Prince below followed by an emerger and set your drag. When a fish sees this set-up they will change their minds in favor of the stylish purplish prince. The Prince drowns the Chernobyl Ant in a close 3-fish margin of victory.

    Game #2:

    Green Bay Packers – Colorado Green Drake

    At Minnesota Vikings – Pyscho Purple Prince

    Green Bay has picked up where the Green Drake has left off. There are still a few hidden spots on Colorado rivers where a Green Drake will pull lurking lunkers off the bottom. The perfect 3-0 mark could be tested in the Metrodome. The Viking’s rookie sensation Adrian Peterson appears to have some Pyscho moves of his own. If the presentation of Favre’s attacks can be consistent and steady the Pack wins by a passing touchdown to give the long lasting veteran another NFL record and improve their record to 4-0.

    Game #3:

    Denver Broncos – Platte River Special

    At Indianapolis Colts – Zebra Copper John

    Denver welcome to the house that Peyton built. Let’s look at the similarity between Peyton and the Copper John creator John Barr. Both have genuine personalities and the ability to captivate an audience. More importantly they both have a sixth sense in their competitive environments in able to command great respect. The Platte River Special is a good streamer, but when put up against a stylish offensive attack of Barr’s flies, Denver will be going home with a 2-2 mark while Indianapolis proves their determination for post season play.

    Game #4:

    Philadelphia Eagles – Hi-Viz Olive Parachute Hare’s Ear

    At New York Giants – Bloody Mari

    Before going into this week’s matchup, did the throwback uniforms of the 1930-something Eagles make you want to pull out a bamboo rod and silk line? It must have worked as the Eagles were able to throw 56 fish into the net for their first win. Will the blue collar fans of Philly be filling the airwaves with “keep the throwbacks” or will the green and silver of the Hi-Viz Para Hare’s Ear return to roll over for the Bloody Mari’s New York Giants dysfunctional team? Here I sit on the bank surveying the back eddy and toss just flies into the water. The false hatch speaks to me with great confidence to stick with the Eagles in week no. 4. The defense swarms Eli Manning and frustrates him while Donnovan lets loose for a 10-point win in the Meadowlands.

    Game #5: MONDAY NIGHT… Dun Dun Dunnnnnn

    New England Patriots – Parachute Adams

    At Cincinnati Bengals – Red Copper John

    Do you want to burn out the drag in your Hatch Reel? This is the game that will test that it. Wrap your line around Randy Moss and Chad Johnson and see who falls behind. This would be a great test to capture on video one day. Don’t look for this contest to be settled early and retire to bed. Look at the patterns and over the last five years they have provided ample quantities of consistent hook ups. Just based on tradition and longevity, the John Quincy Parachute Adams’ Patriots pull out a six-fish victory and improve to 4-0.

    Hopefully this insight into a magical back eddy of water and opened fly boxes helps you claim winnings in the office pool.

  • September 25, 2007

    Big Fish Dispatch

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    By Will Rice

    Fflogger learned big tarpon news from a small flyfishing outpost located in a remote area of Costa Rica. According to Jim DiBerardinis, owner of the Tarponville Lodge in Manzanillo, on September 5, 2007 a tarpon estimated to weigh 200.5 lbs was hooked and landed on a green whistler fly pattern just inside Costa Rican waters at the mouth of the Sixaola River. The fish was measured by tape to be 44.5” in girth and 81” in length before being released in healthy condition back into the water. Manzanillotarpon

    Ricko Conje of South Africa was the angler who successfully landed the fish and head guide Carlos Arthurs was behind the wheel of the 26’ panga. It was Ricko’s third day on the water when he hooked up just where the waters of Costa Rica meet those of neighboring Panama. The tarpon was brought to the boat using a 20 lb class shock leader in just over two hours.

    “We’re not really concerned about IGFA records here at Tarponville. We strictly require every tarpon that is caught to be released and encourage proper handling of the fish,” said DiBerardinis in recent phone interview. “We don’t use gaffs and try to keep the fish in the water at all times.”

    Although the leaders used at the lodge are close to being IGFA (International Game Fish Association) standard, they run longer in length than called for by international record keeping specifications.

    “We don’t have scales at the lodge to weigh a fish that big. But neither does the entire village of Manzanillo,” said DiBerardinis with a soft chuckle. “The next biggest fish that has been caught down here by our clients was estimated 174 lbs using the same calculation methodology. We won’t kill fish for record keeping purposes.”

    Interested in how to estimate the weight of a big fish? The standard estimation formula for measuring a tarpon is: estimated weight = (girth measurement X girth measurement) X length measurement/800.

    Record tarpon or not, the waters of Manzanillo Costa Rica are quickly earning a reputation for monstrous tarpon that will eagerly eat a fly. For most of us, isn’t this all that matters?

  • September 23, 2007

    The Best Flyfishing Books of All Time

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    The five best flyfishing books off all time are:

    5. The River Why, by David James Duncan. Eloquent and poignant, especially in the married- life context. This is the book my non-fishing friends read and admire.

    4. A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean. This novella exudes the tightest prose this side of E.B. White. Yeah … it’s the essence. If you get it, you are a flyfisher. And the two-hour movie barely scratches the surface of what's really in the written work.

    3. River Music, by James Babb. It’s Babb’s best work to date, which is tall praise, since everything he writes is wonderful. As a technician, Babb is incredible … and I’ve seen him fish. It’s all real.

    2. The Longest Silence, by Thomas McGuane. This collection is the best snapshot compilation of essays on the sport ever produced.

    1. The Habit of Rivers, by Ted Leeson. Reading this book for the first time was a life-changing experience. Leeson's range crosses genres and generations; he is the Eric Clapton of outdoor writers.

    Buy 'em. Borrow 'em. Steal 'em. Read all these works, and you will shorten the fly fishing "enlightenment curve" by 20-30 years ... promise.

  • September 23, 2007

    Hooked on a Cure

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I had the honor of being involved in a very special event this past week. Hooked on a Cure brought a number of anglers, corporations, guides, and others together to raise many thousands of dollars for St. Jude's hospital. I got to rub shoulders with some fishing icons like Flip Pallot, Mel Krieger, Joe Humphreys and Jose Wejebe. Organizers April and Will Conrad and their team were fantastic; I could not imagine a more noble cause.

    But I want to make a special nod to Bob Streb and his team of guides at Fly Fishing Outfitters in Avon, Colorado ( Those folks showed us around the water for two days, burned through their flies, their gas, their tippet, and most importantly, their time during the prime Colorado season. And when all was said and done, they gathered up what tips they got, and donated them back to the cause. To me, you folks are the heroes of the week. Awesome job. (Photo: Monte Stark)


  • September 21, 2007

    East Cape Doomed?

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    For all of you who enjoyed the "Running Down the Man" video and other assorted tales from Baja (stay tuned for an epic story soon to appear in Field & Stream by Nate Matthews and photoman Romano) ... understand that, according to some, the East Cape fishery may actually be toast before too long. Since the Mexican government has re-allowed long-liners back into the Sea of Cortez, the outlook has turned bleak for the once-prolific populations of dorado, yellowtails, AJs, marlin, and roosterfish. "Mark my words, unless something dramatic happens and things change, the East Cape fishery will be trashed within 10 years," said Captain Conway Bowman, a frequent Baja angler. If anyone has added insights on this, let us know.

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