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Trout Fishing

  • January 16, 2008

    Name That Fish

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    It's snowing and freezing (5 degrees F) here in Colorado, so naturally, I'm in a saltwater mood. More importantly, I'm in another giveaway mood. The first person to name this fish species, and guess the spot within 200 miles where these were caught, wins a Rio 8-weight fly line worth $60. *Hint: Check out the February issue of Saltwater Sportsman if you're stumped.


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  • January 16, 2008

    Stupid Product of The Millennium


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Sorry Kirk, this thing supersedes your stupid product of the month by a long shot! The site claims they sell their product for $14.95 plus $4 S&H, but there's absolutely no contact info and no way to order it on the site. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with a fishing gadget as dumb as this. I mean, what do you with it? Walk over to the water drop it in and hang on while it swims willy nilly all over the pond? I say it takes the cake for the year as far as stupid products, and it's only January...

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  • January 15, 2008

    Don't Fish With Commies

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I've heard from a lot of my fly fishing buddies how interesting and beautiful Cuba is as a place to go fishing. And they all make a point to say, "Man, you have to go now, before Castro is out of power." As if the experience is going to get a whole lot worse when Fidel is gone.

    I'm not going. And I'm not going to Venezuela either, for that matter. Because I'm not into supporting dictatorships that consider the United States an enemy. Yeah, I know the response ... "But your really helping the people, not the government ... fish have no political persuasions ... blah, blah, blah." You can go. But I won't.

    When I spend my money to go fish the salt, I'm going Florida, or better yet, to the Katrina zone on the Gulf Coast, where my business still makes a difference to other citizens of this country who are still feeling the effects of a terrible hurricane disaster. My two cents. Feel free to offer your own.

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  • January 14, 2008

    Free Fly Fishing Gear


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Like free gear? In conjunction with the Fly Fishing Film tour, AEG media group will be giving away insane amounts of free gear from the sponsors of the tour every day of this month until the movies start to roll. All you have to do is sign up for their news letter and you'll be automatically entered to win amazingly good prizes from Loop, Patagonia, Costa del Mar, Scientific Anglers, Rising, RO Drift Boats, Water Masters, Brunton, Gerber, Big Agnes, Loon and The Drake. Check out the stuff that's been given away so far...

    If you're jonesing for some fishing but have a yard's worth of shelf ice on your local stream bank get the fix you need and head out to the tour as it heads through your town. See cities, dates, and times here.

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  • January 11, 2008

    Can a Fly Rod Win a Bass Tournament?

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    When two of the leading fly rod manufacturers -- Sage and Scott -- first announced the launch of tournament-legal bass rods last fall, I thought they were just playing around. Now I'm not so sure. I'm wondering if somewhere, in some bass tournament, somebody's going to pull one of these things out and put a buggy-whippin' on the field ... on the fly. Charlie Meyers from the Denver Post thinks it will happen sooner than later; maybe the fly rodder won't win the whole tournament, but he (or she) will lead a day, and that'll be enough to convince people what most of us Fly Talkers already know -- there isn't a sport fish in the water that can't be caught on a fly if you know what you're doing.

    In fact, in the river/trout world, I've long thought a great fly fisher is way more deadly than the lure fisher. No doubt, in the bass world, the roles are reversed, times 100. The truth is, we all stand to learn an awful lot by crossing over from time to time.

    You know what I'd like to see? A two-day grudge match, fly guy vs. spin guy, one day on trout, one day on bass. Who do you think would win?

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  • January 10, 2008

    Soulfish--Fly Fishing Adventure Film


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    If anybody is heading to the International Sportsmen's Expo in San Mateo this saturday be sure to check out the premier of Mikey Wier's film Soulfish. Mikey's the latest addition in the rapidly expanding world of fly fishing videographers. Not sure what the film is about, but from the looks of the trailer there should be plenty of fish porn from all over the world. Let us know if anyone has seen the film or if you happen to see it this weekend give us a thumbs up or down.

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  • January 9, 2008

    Women In Waders


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    If you're like me the past week has been spent trying to organize my life on last year's calendar. You know, the tiny little thumbnail calendars they give you for the upcoming year on the bottom of your current calendar...
    Squint no more - or perhaps too much! For those of you unfamiliar with Women In Waders take a look. The 12 month spread is like a horrible car wreck. Grocery store salmon, trout, and hatchery steelhead are obviously just taken off ice for the grip and grins. Tackle doesn't match the fish or stream, and the girls for the most part are a bit rough around the edges. You know you shouldn't look, but it's really hard not to.

    Ask your local fly shop where they're hiding theirs and take a peak.

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  • January 8, 2008

    High Fence Fishing?

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    You just landed a 22-inch rainbow trout that ate a Green Drake dry fly after a perfect cast and drift. But there's a dirty little secret. Truth is, six months ago that same fish was living in a rearing pond eating pellets.

    So our question today is ... Is stocked river fishing no better than shooting big game inside a tall fence? Is it a “real” achievement to land such fish on the fly? Or is it some ugly form of manufactured fantasy? We will say, contrary to the high fence hunting environment where all it takes to “score” is a straight shot, stocked fish of any size inevitably display some wild characteristics, and hooking them in the mouth isn’t always easy.

    Moreover, the truth is not everyone has the means to go chase wild Alaskan rainbows (or browns in Argentina, Joey) at some high-dollar lodge on a whim. Like it or not, people can learn – and have fun – chasing stocked fish on the fly … Is that all wrong?

    Deeter [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 4, 2008

    White Shark Chases Kayaker


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    When Thomas Peschak took this picture three years ago, no one believed it was real. It was first published in Africa Geographic and was taken on a research project to determine why so many white sharks were coming in so close to shore in such shallow water off the coast of South Africa. Initially the project failed due to the larger boats disrupting the sharks normal behavior. Hence taking to kayaks. They scientists still don't know for sure what all the sharks do there, but are guessing that they come in for social interaction with each other - i.e. mating.

    Let's not tell shark man Conway Bowman about this... He's the guy in last year's F&S story on catching makos from a kayak. He might be nutty enough to go and try and catch one.

    What do you think - is the picture real or fake? No matter what you think you can buy posters of the shot here from Thomas Peschak.

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  • January 3, 2008

    Stupid Product of the Month


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    We’re declaring virtual war on the makers of stupid gizmos, that are, in our opinion, designed to sucker a few more bucks out of flyfishers. (This may, in fact, encompass about 50 percent of the flyfishing market.)

    January’s stupid product of the month award goes to the Fly Line Minder … a shaped piece of metal, not much thicker than a clothes hanger, that you clip to your belt, and theoretically drape coils of line around as you fish, keeping the line clean and so forth. Nevermind the fact that your line inevitably tangles on the darn thing if you cast, say, more than three or four times an hour, or if you actually hook a fish and it runs out line. But for $12.99, the Minder also has a fish hook remover, apparently, according to this video, good for dropping fish on your lawn! Give us a break.

    We’re accepting February stupid product nominations now.

    Deeter [ Read Full Post ]

  • January 2, 2008

    Trout - Are They Invasive Species?


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Our friend Marshall Cutchin over at Midcurrent picked this news tidbit up on the wire naming trout an invasive species in Australian waters. The Herald Sun sun story by Peter Rolfe debates the realities of what is sure to be a very hot topic in Australia.

    Should the government cull trout from major rivers to bring ecological balance at the risk of losing tons of tourism dollars? What do you think? I would reckon most rivers in the united states support fisheries that do not have native species. What if the feds decided to wipe out smallmouths, trout, carp, etc... from local waterways in your town? What kind of impact would this have on your economy. Your saneness?

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  • December 31, 2007

    Our “Fflogger of the Year”


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Time has its “Person of the Year.”  Fly Rod & Reel has its “Angler of the Year” (a wonderful choice for 2007 in Ted Leeson, by the way).  It’s only right, therefore, that, in homage to our late, great moniker, “Fly Talk” anoints a “Fflogger of the Year.”

    We are proud to announce the 2007 Field & Stream Fly Talk “Fflogger of the Year” recipient is none other than … Tyler Palmerton.

    While admittedly a prestige notch or two down from the Presidential Medal of Freedom, it’s worth explaining why “The Ffloggie” represents kudos of the highest order.  The “Ffloggie” goes to the angler who demonstrates dedication to flyfishing that squarely borders the irrational … who is unafraid to chime in with unfiltered commentary on this blog … and who, above all, catches fish on the fly with unworldly skill, the likes of which we realize we will never replicate in our mortal lives.  So to the man, the machine, “Total Outdoorsman” gaffes not withstanding, here’s to Tyler.

    Palmerton’s prize package includes a box of Federal 20-gauge shotgun shells, a spool of 10-pound Maxima, and a Rainier 12-pack.

    Start compiling your own list of nominations for 2008.

    Deeter [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 29, 2007

    Eat It or Wear It


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Our brethren on the deer hunting side of this Field & Stream website offered up a debate over shooting “locked up” deer. That's debatable? You must be kidding me.

    Truth is, we anglers aren’t exactly lily-white when it comes to our “fair chase” ethics. And most specifically, I’m talking about foul-hooking (at best) or snagging (at the gutter-worst) fish.

    Anyone who snags a fish intentionally is a jerk. And that especially includes salmon snaggers. But what about the accidental foul-hooker? Sure, it happens to any serious angler …

    Accidental … okay. But that fish doesn’t count. Belly-hook a 23-inch rainbow and hold it up for a camera shot … shame on you. And more than three fish fouled on a given day means you’re doing something terribly wrong. A fouled fish isn’t a caught fish, no matter how you slice it.

    Deeter [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 27, 2007

    Please Don't Overfeed The Fish


    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    Click on the water to feed the fish.
    Make sure to not give these guys to much as we don't want to flush any.
    Happy Friday!


    Get your own fish here [ Read Full Post ]