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Fishing Gear

  • January 4, 2013

    Sight Fishing: How Much Does Lens Color Matter in Polarized Glasses?

    By Kirk Deeter

    Sight fishing is top of the game for me. And I'm a big believer of using polarized glasses for this type of fishing. [ Read Full Post ]

  • December 5, 2012

    Chaser Knives: Superior Craft and Art

    By David E. Petzal

    From time to time it is my pleasure to introduce you to people who are both superior craftsmen and artists as well, such as D’Arcy Echols and Ryan Breeding. Now, let me present Mike Malosh, who makes knives in the style of William Scagel, and does his own designs to boot. Mr. Malosh’s creations are called Chaser knives, and he does a number of things that set him apart. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 28, 2012

    Good Gear: Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1

    By David E. Petzal

    Some time ago, I called your attention to the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, an ingenious device that enables the veriest dullard to put a murderous edge on just about anything. However, the system is for home use only as it requires electricity. Enter the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1, which solves this problem neatly. It’s around 7 inches long, weighs a couple of ounces, and consists of two diamond sharpening plates (fine and coarse) that are held in place by magnets, a ceramic rod with coarse, fine and fishhook positions, a small ceramic rod for serrated edges, and an impregnated leather strop. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 6, 2012

    How to Pack for a Hunt

    By David E. Petzal

    “The only time I ever got my s**t together, I couldn’t pick it up.”—Roger Miller

    Packing successfully for a hunting trip is far more important than making out a will which will hold up. If you die and your will is successfully contested, what do you care? You’re dead. If, however, you bring only longjohn bottoms on a hunt and leave the tops at home, you’ll regret it bitterly for a week or more.

    Because I’m at the age when I have trouble remembering who I am, much less all the stuff that I have to take along, I’ve developed a system that’s worked pretty well. First, take out all the hunting gear you own. I mean everything, even if it has no place where you’re going.

    Second, assemble what you need, and don’t do this by simply slinging it into a duffle bag. Don’t assume that you have patches and gun oil in your cleaning kit. You may have taken them out on the last trip because the TSA doesn’t allow gun oil. Are all your batteries fresh? Have you gained so much weight since last season that, when you button your heavy pants, little purple veins erupt on your nose? [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 11, 2012

    Are Fly-Rod Warranties Going Away?

    By Kirk Deeter

    If my dog eats the grip off my new $700 fly rod, will you buy me a new one?

    That's basically how it's playing out now with many of those "lifetime guarantee" rods, whether you realize it or not. You're not exactly buying my replacement rod, but when you purchase warrantied rods, you are paying into an "insurance pool" of sorts. We all know nothing is really "free," especially not in fly fishing.

    Let's break this down using basic math for the sake of explanation. Assume that an average of one in three rods gets broken in its lifetime. The retail price we pay for rods is therefore closer to the actual cost of 1.33 rods. You're kicking in an extra third. If you break your rod, that's money well spent. If you don't, you took one for the team. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 3, 2012

    Caption Contest: Write the Best, Win Cabela's New CGt Fishing Rod

    By Kirk Deeter

    Now that Mr. Merwin has told you how nice the soon-to-be-released Cabela's CGt rods are, we're going to give you a chance to win one.

    You know the drill. Submit your captions for this photo—of a few ladies rubbing shoulders with a stingray (look closely)—in the comments thread below, and the best one wins the prize. We'll pick the winner at the end of next week. Simple as that.  Good luck! [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 1, 2012

    Review: Cabela's New CGt Fiberglass Rods


    By John Merwin

    I don’t often get very rhapsodic over low-end fly rods. Some of them are okay, and I recommend those frequently to anglers on a budget. But they just don’t perform as well as many of the high-end sticks.

    But recently I’ve been field-testing a new-for-2013 fiberglass model that is just the nuts. I love it. The rod is Cabela’s CGt fiberglass, an evolved and improved version of the 100th anniversary glass rod they began marketing a couple of years ago. My 7-foot, 3-weight version is 3-piece and costs $149.99.

    Light-line rods, meaning less than a 4-weight, have usually felt mushy to me in casting because there’s so little line weight to actually bend the rod. This has led to some overly soft rod tapers. The new CGt rods are anything but mushy, which is even more surprising considering that glass is less stiff than graphite. [ Read Full Post ]

  • September 12, 2012

    NY Bookstore to Auction Ernest Hemingway's Fishing Bag


    By Chad Love

    It was an old fishing bag that had been fished much in the Gulf Stream but had gone many years without carrying gear. In the first few years a man had carried it. But after many years without carrying gear the bag's current owner had told the bag that it was salao, and would be sold at auction. For damn big bucks.

    Yes, that's right. Ernest Hemingway's fishing bag is for sale. It was a good bag. It served him well. You should buy it. It will be expensive.

    From this story (via Midcurrent) on
    Now dedicated fans of the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Hemingway have the chance to own a peculiar piece of literary history – a fishing bag that accompanied the great American author on his adventures at sea is set to cross the auction block at Bonhams in New York next month... [ Read Full Post ]

  • August 27, 2012

    Fishing Gear Review: Vedavoo Tightline Sling


    By Kirk Deeter

    My favorite business stories in fly fishing are the ones that go something like this: Person genuinely loves fly fishing and realizes a need or an opportunity to make something cool, based on their experiences. Person then goes "all-in" with an investment to chase that goal. Person doesn't compromise their values, manufactures in the United States, and maintains a focus on innovation and the interests of the customer. Person's company is successful.

    I'm pretty sure that's how the script is going to play out for Vedavoo, maker of slings, packs, bags and the like for anglers. Vedavoo is a small operation, but it made a strong impression a couple weeks ago at the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show in Reno. (The name Vedavoo is an alternate spelling of “Vedauwoo”--an outdoor park with notable natural rock features in southern Wyoming; company founder Scott Hunter attended the University of Wyoming.) [ Read Full Post ]

  • August 20, 2012

    New Product Profile: NRS Clearwater Drifter


    by Kirk Deeter

    We saw a number of interesting new products for the fly fishing market at the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade expo in Reno last week.  On a 1-10 “innovation” scale, given the fact that this was a smaller show compared to years past, I’m going to rate the new collective product offering a 7.  We’ll get into a number of specific product reviews in the coming days and weeks, but I wanted to kick things off with the NRS Clearwater Drifter.

    It’s a drift boat.  No, it’s an inflatable raft.  Actually, it’s both—an inflatable watercraft that has a frame and is shaped like a dory.  This boat generated a lot of buzz at IFTD, and actually won a “Best of Show” award in the watercraft category. [ Read Full Post ]

  • August 20, 2012

    Is Buying US-Made Fishing Gear Worth The Dent in Your Wallet?

    By John Merwin

    Very often when I write about various fishing tackle items, some readers comment that they wish the item in question were made in the U.S. They’d be much happier buying a domestic-made product. They’d like to support American jobs in the tackle industry. So this morning I’ll give you a chance to put your money where your mouth is.

    American-made fishing tackle is far from dead. To be sure, giant, global-tackle brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Rapala, and more depend, for the most part, on overseas (usually Asian) factories. But look around a bit, and you’ll find plenty of quality gear that’s made here at home--hook, line and sinker. Here are a few examples.

    Fishing lures are the toughest, but there are still notable examples. One is Dardevle spoons (pictured here). Michigan’s Eppinger Manufacturing is in its third generation of family ownership and still stamping out spoons by the millions every year. Want to support American-made? Buy more Dardevles. [ Read Full Post ]

  • August 8, 2012

    Fly Fishing with SUPs is Not a Fad

    By Tim Romano

    A SUP, for those yet uninitiated, is a Stand Up Paddle board.

    I can see Mr. Joe Cermele rolling his eyes now...

    It's been almost a year to the day that I last posted on this subject and started fishing off my very own board. That post had quite a bit of spirited conversation and comments. Granted it did have a healthy dose of ladies in bikinis fishing off said boards...

    Since then I've heard that SUP fishing is a fad and a "silly way to fish." Ahem, Mr. Cermele. I'm here to tell you it's not a fad and it's not going away. [ Read Full Post ]

  • July 30, 2012

    How to Catch Big Trout: Use These 8 Proven Hopper and Cricket Patterns


    By Will Ryan

    You can put the trico and midge boxes away now. For the rest of summer, the dry-fly action is big, violent, and explosive. Stick to the grasshopper and cricket patterns here and follow these tactics, and you might just catch your biggest trout of the year. [ Read Full Post ]

  • July 26, 2012

    Vintage Tackle Contest: Wonderod-Zebco Combo


    By Joe Cermele

    This week in our vintage tackle contest we've got an old combo with nostalgic story to match. This photo was sent in by Cale Canter, who writes: This was my grandfather's. He left it to me in his will a few years back. He was a big trout guy out in New Mexico during the 50's, and said this was his "Old Reliable." Just looking for some info and value concerning the pieces.

    [ Read Full Post ]