If you want to be as scent-free as possible before hitting the woods, you need to pay attention to both personal hygiene and laundry practices. The good news is that your shocked spouse will gladly make room on the bathroom and washroom shelves for the growing gamut of scent-elimination products designed to keep you and your clothes from stinking. They may just help you get your buck. Here’s what your shelves should hold:

  1. [1] Buck Stop Lure Co. Scent Stop Laundry Soap Wash your clothes in unscented detergent, then store them in a sealed plastic bag until you’re ready to hunt. $13; 800-477-2368;

  2. [2] Cabela’s Scent X-Terminator Spray Apply it on your clothes, boots, and equipment before each hunt. $8; 800-237-4444;

  3. [3] Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Carbo Wash Designed for carbon-lined clothing, Carbo Wash cleans the outer fabric without interfering with the performance of the carbon. $11; 800-655-7898;

  4. [4] Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Plus Dryer Sheets Add a fresh-earth cover scent to your clothing. (And stop static cling!) $6; 319-395-0321;

  5. [5] Knight & Hale Stealth Dust This patented odor-neutralizing powder goes on dry for those who prefer not to get their clothes wet in order to get them scent-free. $11; 479-782-8971;

  6. [6] Robinson Outdoors Scent Shield No Stinkin’ Bugs Repellent Combining DEET with the company’s popular Fall Blend cover scent, this is a must for early-season hunters. Tick repellent is also available. $8; 507-263-2885; robinson

  7. [7] Bucks-N-Does H.S.E. Shampoo-N-Body Wash Human odor exudes from every pore and follicle, so jump in the shower and wash up with scent-free shampoo and soap before heading out. $6; 800-782-6686;

  8. [8] Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Wash Towels and Field Wipes No shower at deer camp? Pack these 10×12-inch scent-eliminating towelettes and wipe down before your hunt. The smaller 5×8-inch Field Wipes are ideal for removing sweat and odor while hunting. $6

  9. [9] Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant This “odorless formula” push-up stick helps keep your pits dry and odor-free. $6