Are your tackle trays and fly boxes looking a ­little lean after last season? Even if they aren’t, you know you love loading up with the freshest ammo before the spring action is in full swing. Maybe you need a topwater with a tone your local largemouths haven’t heard yet. Perhaps you want a streamer that will turn the pig pike you know lives in that dark river hole. No matter what you chase, we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the top 20 smartest, most innovative, or just plain coolest new lures and flies for 2019.


Jenko Offspring Buzzbait

Jenko Offspring Buzzbait • $9

The Offspring has a stiff spring that protrudes from the lure’s head—and a rotating blade that smacks it as it turns. The result is a unique sound and a lot more vibration than other buzzbaits make. —J.C.

Chase Baits USA

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Watching one of these squids fall, you’d swear you were looking at live calamari. That’s thanks to specially designed wings and contracting tentacles that make the bait flutter and roll like no other. —J.C.


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This hollow-body shad will go places a hard bait can’t. And when it gets in the heavy cover or way back under a dock, the extra flash and thump provided by the unique spinnerblade tail will draw huge surface strikes. —J.C.

Berkley Fishing

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This topwater’s cupped propeller tail kicks up a major fuss during a straight or jerk-pause retrieve. Just cast, crank, and let the sound and bubble trail of the Choppo call in hogs from miles away. Available in 10 colors and two sizes. —J.C.

Booyah Baits

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The Melee Vibrating Jig offers a variation on the traditional ­chatterbait-​style lure. With a thinner blade and a polycarbonate-and-lead-core head, the Melee emits a stronger vibration and stays deeper in the water column. —M.M.


Livetarget Hollow Body Crawfish

Livetarget Hollow Body Crawfish • $10

Livetarget combined a jig and a ­hollow-​body lure to create this next-level crawfish. The floating pincers imitate a craw in a defensive posture, while the carapace improves snag resistance. —J.C.


Orvis Cohen’s Manbearpig

Orvis Cohen’s Manbearpig • $8

From pike to muskies to king-size trout, predator fish almost can’t help but take a shot at this fly. The spun-hair head pushes tons of water, while the internal rattle and curly-tail flap wiggle and click away irresistibly. —J.C.


Umpqua Black Back Emerger

Umpqua Black Back Emerger • $2.69

By adding black flashback to his Baetis Emergers, noted fly-tier John Barr started catching a lot more trout. It’s a simple tweak to a proven fly, but simple tweaks can be the most deadly. —J.C.


Umpqua Aphlexo Crab

Umpqua Aphlexo Crab • $11

The mono-tubing body allows this crab to land softly yet fall quickly enough to get in the zone fast. Internal orange bead-chain eyes mimic a crab carrying eggs, which permit can’t pass up. —J.C.


Orvis Schmidt’s Mini Viking Midge

Orvis Schmidt’s Mini Viking Midge • $7

Master streamer tier Mike Schmidt’s original Viking Midge is a proven big-water trout killer, and this mini version lets you put the pattern in play on smaller waters. It’s also a nice fit for your smallmouth box. —J.C.


Umpqua Johnson’s Super Sally

Umpqua Johnson’s Super Sally • $3.25

You’ll have a hard time sinking this Sally. That’s thanks to a stiff front hackle, a quill body, and an elk-hair wing with CDC underneath it. Skate this fly into position for more accurate presentations. —J.C.

Berkley Fishing

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Inspired by Japanese designs, the Jester Craw’s many moving appendages and vibrating ribbed body mimic the commotion of a nervous, fleeing craw. With classic Powerbait scent, the Jester appeals to a feeding bass’ every sense. —M.M.

Z-Man Fishing

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Z-Man’s Sling Bladez uses a head design called StabilTrak that’s a first of its kind in the industry. The grooved underside completely eliminates any roll on the retrieve, while the double willows produce ample flash to draw strikes. —M.M.

With an erratic lunging action, lots of flash, and an incredibly detailed scale pattern, the TD Minnow 95SP is made to get a bass’ attention and seal the deal. A sliding internal weight makes for bomb casts and doubles as a knocker on the retrieve. —M.M.

Berkley Fishing

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The Grass Pig was designed to pull pig largemouths from heavy cover. It can muscle through thick slop and pick apart weed tops and clumps in shallow water. Plus, it has the bulk to target ­suspending or bottom-dwelling bass too. —M.M.

Duo Realis

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The Dekashinmushi is a plus-size topwater crawler that throws waves of water with its wings. It can be worked on a steady retrieve or twitched in one spot to trigger explosive bites. —M.M.


6th Sense Flow Glider 130

6th Sense Flow Glider 130 • $20–$23

The Flow Glider 130 is a premium-quality glide bait that’s custom-painted by lure artist Casey ­Sobsczak. Fitted with high-end hardware, it offers a level of craftsmanship typical of baits costing three times as much. —M.M.

Savage Gear

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Deep V channels cut on each side of the lure’s tail produce a convincing action, and its buoyancy keeps it upright at any speed. The result is a swimbait you can crawl in cold water or burn on a fast retrieve. —M.M.

Strike King

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A super-size version of the Strike King Sexy Dawg, the KVD Mega Dawg measures 6 inches and weighs 2 ounces. The lure casts a ton, and its rattle ­ chamber clanks enticingly as you walk the dog. —M.M.

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Heddon Lures

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The short, stocky Swim’n Image produces a slow, seductive wobble that resembles a juvenile shad breaching the surface. A single rattle assists with casting distance and pulls fish in for a closer look. —M.M.