If you are looking for that next appliance to improve your wild game cookery, look no further than the modern electric pressure cooker. Whether you routinely wrestle with pheasant coq au vin or a venison rack of ribs, this multi-function marvel of domestic engineering belongs in every game chef’s kitchen. Here are a few features you should look for the next time you’re shopping for one.


Let’s face it; a traditional stovetop pressure cooker is literally a bomb trying to go off. The rattle-and-hiss warning of your mom’s old silver beast is enough to scare the hungriest camper out of the kitchen. Electronic pressure cookers with altitude adjustments, steam release buttons, and other features make cooking under pressure a lot more relaxing.


Traditional pressure cookers have one setting: Angry. Their modern electronic counterparts allow you to set it and forget it by digitally monitoring the heat, pressure, and time for any number of culinary tasks.


Not only is an electronic pressure cooker good at tenderizing a venison shoulder or squirrel dumplings, they can also function as a rice cooker, crock pot, bread maker, cake pan, soup cauldron, egg cooker, veggie steamer, and bottle sterilizer. Whatever the function, they will do it in less time than standard cookware and save you money on appliances in the long run.