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Enjoying the outdoors during the cold months of the year is not a problem as long as you keep your extremities warm. HotHands

Popsicle toes are no fun. Cold feet are one of the biggest reasons some people miss out on some of the best outdoor fun, as anyone can attest who’s ever had the painful experience of thawing out their frozen extremities. Piling on the layers of socks can work, as long as you aren’t compressing the circulation to your feet. Using insole foot warmers are a great alternative. You can choose toe or full foot coverage, disposable or re-chargeable and inserts or full socks. Here are some factors to consider.

Disposable or Re-chargeable

Single use, disposable insole or toe-only warmers can be bought in bulk. HotHands

Disposable single use warmers are cheap and convenient. They often come with adhesive to hold them in place, and they can last as long as many re-chargeable warmers. They’re light and stow easily so you can carry extras. Disposables take a few minutes to begin to heat up, and they have a limited shelf life (so check the date).Most battery-powered socks and insole warmers are rechargeable, requiring a power source or an extra set of batteries. There’s the possibility the warmer can break down when you most need it. They can be turned on and off as needed, and some models offer heat settings, which is a real plus if your feet get too hot. They are heavier and bulkier than disposables and cost more.

Toe or Full Insole

These full insole warmers can be cut to size to fit your boots. Warmfits

Is it just your toes that need help, or your entire foot? Although hard to imagine for some, there’s such a thing as getting your feet too hot. Foot warmers come in toe-only or full insole, and some battery-powered models offer heat settings to help regulate foot comfort.

Full Sock or Insert

These full sock warmers have three settings and heat the instep area. Global Vasion

Full sock warmers offer options (depending on the model) that heat the instep (top of foot), toe, or entire bottom (insole) of your foot. They are battery powered and many models come with extra rechargeable batteries as well as a charger. Some models offer heat settings. Simple inserts heat only the insole or toe areas, and some are constructed for increased insole comfort and insulation.