When other bass lures fail, the go-to fallback bait is the shaky-head worm, and has been for years. The retrieve involves moving the jig along the bottom by twitching the rod on a semislack line, which makes the worm—you guessed it—shake. It’s slow but effective. The classic rig is simply a finesse worm rigged weedless on a ballhead jig, but these new jig designs make the rig even better.

Wage War

Warlock Head
BUY: Warlock Head Luke Nilsson

Jig: Warlock Head

Specs: This unique jig features a wide, rounded bottom that skips well and stands the worm up every time it touches down. The face of the Warlock Head is concave, which makes the jig and the finesse worm look more like a single unit.

Shaky Specialty: Tie on the Warlock when you need to fish a shaky-head worm in submerged brush.

Wag The Worm

Aaron Martens Shaky Head
Aaron Martens Shaky Head Luke Nilsson

Jig: Aaron Martens Shaky Head

Specs: Molded to a 3/0 Gamakatsu hook is an odd-looking head that rocks back and forth on the bottom. The hook eye is partially recessed in the jig’s head so the knot stays centered for better hooksets.

Shaky Specialty: This jig is especially good when you’re fishing over a fairly clean bottom where the jig can stand up and shake its booty.

Skip The Squirrel

Squirrel Head
Squirrel Head Luke Nilsson

Jig: Squirrel Head

Specs: The flat bottom on the jig’s football head ensures that the worm stands up and works its magic. A short, stainless cable worm keeper extends along the hook’s shank where it can’t interfere with the hookset.

Shaky Specialty: The Squirrel Head walks over rocks without snagging and skips nicely under docks and other cover.