Warmer weather means it’s time to get outdoors with the family and enjoy what nature has to offer. So this season, head Off! to Make Memories and take your outdoor traditions to the next level! Impress the kids and learn a few real-life nature tips that are fun, and also might make a difference for you, or the kids, some day.

How to Shoulder a Heavy Pack

The more gear you need to bring for a multi-day trip means your pack gets heavier and more awkward to get on your back. If you learn the proper technique to hoist it up on to your shoulders, you can avoid getting tangled in the straps.

Find North with a Stick, Two Rocks, and the Sun

Forget your compass? Watching the shadow of a stick move between two rocks will help you identify East and West so you can figure out what direction you need to head.

How to Tie Four Key Outdoor Knots

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, these knots are helpful survival skills for all sorts of activities. And, they’re great to teach to kids as well.

How To Make A Lure

Fishing tackle is a key component for any survival kit. If you’re out of luck or lose your last lure, you can create your own DIY bait by following these simple steps.

How To Build A Hanging Shelter

Shelter is the number one priority in a survival situation, and when setting up camp. Here’s how to construct a wooden hanging shelter, which is a smart option in boggy areas or regions prone to flooding.

Key Gear For Backcountry Camping

This list of gear essentials are must-haves for navigating camping and trekking in backcountry situations. Don’t leave anything included here—from water treatment systems to insect spray—off your packing list.

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