The Royal Poinciana trees are in full bloom and that means snook are in full bloom as well. The snook fishing and been great around the outside islands closest to the Gulf of Mexico. Look for the “rain minnows” small shiners dimpling the surface, snook won’t be far behind ready to bust them. The best flies have been baitfish patterns, Wht/Chart, Gray/Wht with some flash.

Tarpon fishing has been getting better in the backbays near larger creeks. Watch for fish to roll and get within casting range with the push pole. Best flies have been Chat/Wht baitfish patterns on 2/0 super
sharp hooks. I have been using 20lb tapered leaders and 50lb bite for the tarpon and using 40lb bite for the snook.

Today we jummped 6 up to 50lbs on fly and 2 about 15-20lb on topwater plugs