Two winners again! Both of these women are long-time contributors to the blog, who have added even more in the last two weeks. I’ve been meaning to name one of them as a winner for awhile, and when I couldn’t decide—once again—which to choose, I figured I’d spread the wealth and announce both today. (Okay, okay, I’ll come clean and admit I’m clinically indecisive—it’s one of my worst faults. You should see me scrutinizing blog comments every week to pick a gear recipient—it takes forever for me to decide!)
So first is Lou Alexander of Wichita, Kansas. Yes, today turned out to be Lou Alexander Day. She’s been reading the blog from the beginning—providing recipes, commenting, and before the blog was located on the F&S home page, she wrote letting us know it was too hard to find. Lou will be getting a Big Foot camo bag courtesy of Big Foot (it’s a great, tough cargo bag. I have one too).
Second is Dana Von Haden from Wisconsin! We know her as Wild WoodsWoman, and she too has been contributing a lot to the blog, including that great recent discussion topic on hunting in the work place. Conveniently enough, Dana also chose the Big Foot camo bag.
The giveaway goes on, so look for another winner next week. –K. H.