I have to say, I forgot how hard it is to choose a Gear Giveaway winner every week — Holy cow! Everyone contributes so many thoughtful stories and comments, picking a “best one” is nearly impossible.
But after re-reading and re-re-reading the discussions since the Giveaway opened, I’m happy to announce this week’s winner: Paula Smith of Hop Bottom, Tn1_3 Pa! Paula has been contributing a lot of great comments over the past week and a half. She says she’s new to this, and learning a lot from the blog.
The prize this week is from blog sponsor Filson, who has been generous enough to contribute some very exciting pieces from their women’s line to the Giveaway. Paula will be getting this beautiful Women’s Northern Quilted Vest — nice!
So, now we’re on to next week. As was the case last year, our prize line-up is a grab bag of various clothing and other gear items. I’m chasing down more prizes, with the goal of keeping the Giveaway going as long as possible, with as many winners as possible.
So congrats to Paula, a big thank-you to Filson, and I’m looking forward to another winner next week (not to mention hearing how everyone did out there this weekend!). -K.H.