Shannon Schwenke of Grand Rapids, MI! I’d mentioned that last week was the end of the giveaway before it went on hiatus, and that I’d wanted to go out with a bang by announcing more than one winner for the weekend. I didn’t hear back from Shannon right away because it turns out she doesn’t have internet access on the weekends because she and her husband are still remodeling their spare room. They’re still remodeling their spare room because they keep getting sidetracked waterfowling — at least it’s a great excuse!
Anyway, Shannon will be receiving a pair of Foxy Huntress signature print camouflage pants. They’re a heavy-duty field pant that I was sorry I couldn’t keep for myself!
Okay, so now the giveaway is officially going on a brief hiatus — for real this time. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re back to finding good homes for good gear. –K.H.