_ Some of you have commented on the Filson banners that started appearing on our blog earlier this year. So I figured we should meet the person responsible, and invited Filson Director of Marketing Amy Terai to write a few words._

_ So, in place of our bi-weekly Q&A, I’m happy to introduce Amy (that’s her on the left, along with Sales Manager Jeanne Johnson at the Washington Outdoor Women’s shotgun workshop). Below she talks about her pride in Filson’s women’s line, as well as her excitement for the outdoors._ -K.H.

 I came to Filson fresh from college looking to work in the garment industry.  Never in a million years did I think I’d be working for a company that specializes in[![Wow_shotgun_08_bfm_038_3](]( outdoor clothing and gear, especially hunting and fly fishing gear! Within a few months at Filson I fell in love with the brand, from its rich heritage in the NW, and its quality garments and lifetime guarantee, to its trans-generational qualities and the deep connection we share with our customers. I joined a huge family when I came on board with Filson and I am so very proud to be a part of it.

 This year Filson launched a women’s line. It seems to be a long time in the making, considering Filson has been around for over 110 years. We tend to do things a little slower here and really gather input from our customers before we make any drastic changes. In order to fully understand the women we were planning on outfitting we decided to form a women’s council. The Filson women’s council is made up of several different women from all walks of life. The commonality they all share is their love for adventure and the outdoors. Whether they are fly fishing, wing shooting, busting clays or tracking a trophy bull elk they are indeed the inspiration for our women’s line. 

 The Filson women’s line has inspired a co-worker and myself to learn more about the shooting sports. It was empowering the first time I held a shotgun and hit my first clay target. Since then we have connected with a local organization, Washington Outdoor Women to learn more outdoor skills. It is wonderful for women to come together and have an outlet where we can comfortably learn about the outdoors together. 

 Filson has given this city girl the opportunity to respect and enjoy the outdoors and the pursuits and challenges Mother Nature has to offer. - A.T.