When I saw this article about the passing of competition archer Ann Weber Hoyt, who died Saturday at the age of 86 in Glendale, Ohio, I did a search to learn more details about her life, which of course included multiple National Archery Association championship titles, a world championship title, marriage to Earl Hoyt of the Hoyt Archery Company, and induction into The Archery Hall of Fame — among many other shooting, hunting, and personal accomplishments.

I found this interview with Hoyt published in January, which includes exhaustive details about her life (from her first shooting experiences in the 1930’s in a New Jersey high school gym to her 1994 Pope & Young record book antelope in Casper, Wyoming) and an extensive photo gallery. At the end of what is a very long interview, Hoyt had this to say about what it means to be a champion.

It takes a certain kind of person to become a champion. It takes a “Dedicated” person with a competitive drive and a will to win, who must “love” the sport and have the “guts” to keep plugging in spite of temporary slumps. A champion must be self-analytical as to her shooting technique and equipment needs. A true champion is one with a performance.
Archery is a way of life for me. I eat and sleep archery and all the time I’m working at it or with it. The essence of archery is not in winning a tournament but in the enjoyment of participating and sharing in the spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship as manifested by the archers. The reward perhaps of personal efforts is a victory

Enough said. -K.H.