I just saw John Prine and Emmylou Harris play Red Rocks last night; it was such a stellar show, it put me in a great mood. And what do I do when I’m in a great mood? I give stuff away.

But you’re going to have to work for these. No quizzes. No lucky guesses. Just straight-up creativity. Kind of like the old “Match Game.”

“When I flyfish, it’s like ______________ playing the _______________.”

You can be witty, e.g. “Tiny Tim playing the ukelele,” or “Bad News Bears playing the Yankees.” Maybe “Gato Barbieri playing the tenor saxophone,” or “My uncle Lenny playing the fifth race at Belmont.”

But I’ll pick the best fill-in-the-blanks comments in a week or so (after I return from the Bahamas), and the winner gets signed copies of both my books (with Andrew Steketee), Castwork: Reflections of Flyfishing Guides and the American West, and Tideline: Captains, Flyfishing and the American Coast (retail $40 each).