Been awhile since we’ve done this. This one’s just “extra credit.”

Nate and Tim went fishing the other day, and Kirk was rowing the boat. We came upon a big meandering eddy in the river, where we saw fish rising and feeding off the surface. For the most part, they were pointed downstream, feeding on mayflies in the backwash of the eddy. Curiously, however, the fish would turn on for a minute, then disappear below the surface for another couple minutes. Tim fired beautiful, delicate casts all over the run, but didn’t get bit. Nate, on the other hand, held onto his small dry fly (the same pattern as Tim’s) and waited. “Ah, now it’s right,” said Nate. He fired one cast, and bang, a trout ate his fly.

What did Nate see to make him decide the time was right to make that cast?

Now, a little housekeeping: Alabama Flygirl proved that it takes a woman to figure out a “Real Man of Genius,” so she wins the William Joseph chestpack. Hit me at, Flygirl, so I know where to send your reward.

And, yes indeed, Nate, Tim, and Kirk did go fishing the other day, and despite my smack-talking, I have to admit the boy from NYC kicked this tailgunner’s butt (however the old man acquitted himself with a decent trick from the archive by day’s end). And the highest marks of all go to our boy Tim, who is a gifted oarsman, put us on shots all day, and made the most of his own casting opportunities when he got his chances. Made me proud to run with the likes of those young guns.

I’m headed east, to Wisconsin, then Michigan. Anyone have the fishing report?