Smith Reinvents Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

I’ve seen several attempts at interchangable lenses in sunglasses, and most were whiffs. The idea, of course, is brilliant, and couldn’t fit better among flyfishers. We start out fishing on a bright day, and need dark, polarized lenses. Then the clouds roll in, and we want to switch to a yellow or a lighter gray or copper. So we either switch glasses, or use slide-in lenses. The problem for me, is that those slide-ins also slide out, and inevitably end up in tiny fragments on the ground.

Smith Optics seems to have landed on a pretty slick solution. Called “Interlock” the system involves twisting the stems of the frames to open the sockets where the lenses sit … then twisting them back to lock the lenses in place. Coming soon for anglers will be models that include two lens colors, a copper or brown, and a yellow. Lenses are carbonic and polarized. Retail will be $139-149, which isn’t bad at all, considering you get two sunglasses in one. And, when we twisted and pulled on them, the system seemed rock solid. If not, what the heck, Smith’s glasses are warranteed for life. Looks like a winner to us.