Now I’m sure I’ll get some people who disagree with me. Deeter perhaps being one of them. But what’s the deal with people thinking they’re getting better fishing on private property? I mean you have a section of river that is getting fished over and over and over by the same people.

I played hooky yesterday and fished one of my favorite sections of public river and had an absolutely amazing day. I hooked lots of large wild fish on dries and streamers. Granted I had to cross the river and walk a couple miles, but isn’t that what fishing is all about? Exploring new water, seeing new sights. I didn’t have to pay anything to fish. I didn’t have to reserve my “beat” a week ahead of time. I didn’t have to see Fred for the tenth time this season… I don’t know about you folks, but I think the best fishing in this country is on public water. By far…


On another note the first person who can tell me where I was fishing yesterday (not just the river, but the exact area) from this photo wins an Origo Pro fishing watch worth $230.00. It’s a fantastic watch, but it’s just far to large for my girly little wrists. People who know me or where I was are automatically disqualified from posting a response. This picture is a little ambiguous, but hey – I’m giving a way an expensive watch here. If no one comes close I’ll post another photo that’ll clue you in. Good luck.

Hint number two