Good Vibrations
The wings of Evolve’s VibraGrub flap so naturally in current that smallies and walleyes can’t resist. Rig a black grub on a shaky-head jig and send it down deep in a river or lake. Make two high hops, then let the lure sit on the bottom and undulate away.


String Tease
William’s String Leech is a long, fluttery stinger-hook pattern that rainbows and browns will clobber. Add a heavy split shot 8 inches up the leader, land the fly tight to the bank, and let it swing off into the current.


Frost Brew
Give your liveliest leeches a kick in the butt by tossing a handful of ice into the bucket 15 minutes before you start fishing. The quick drop in water temperature will wake up lethargic leeches and get them wriggling at full force on the hook.

From the September 2012 issue of Field & Stream magazine.