About The Fly: “When Field & Stream first approached me about making a series of tying videos with a species-specific angle that included a steelhead fly, my first thought was “Squidro!” The Squidro is a newer, more updated version of an Intruder-style fly designed by Scott Howell. The vast majority of Intruder patterns are tied out of natural materials such as ostrich, rhea, jungle cock, and marabou making them vulnerable to getting thrashed to pieces by a hard fighting steelhead. The Squidro in the video is 100% synthetic, making it virtually bombproof.” –Brian Wise

Materials List:
Tube – HMH Poly Tube
Butt – Laser Dub Dubbing Ball
Rear Legs – Sili-Legs
Body – Flash, Tinsel, or Mylar
Collar – Laser Dub Dubbing Ball
Front Legs – Sili-Legs
Head – Laser Dub