What do you know? Anything worth 50 bucks? We bet you do and want you to prove it. So wrack your brain and give us the tips, advice, and wisdom you’ve picked up from your lifetime in the field–in other words, your best Jerry Robinson impersonation.


  • SCALING FISH WITH A WATER HOSE I have discovered an easy method for scaling fish. First, place the fish on a scaling board with its tail secured in the clamp (if you don’t have a scaling board, just hold the fish down by its tail with your thumb). Next, attach an ordinary pressure nozzle to a garden hose and simply spray the scales off from tail to head. Flip the fish and do the other side. Scales come off easily with no damage to meat–it takes less than a minute to do a whole fish! AARON MELVIN, Prairieville, La.


  • HIDE YOUR SCENT WITHOUT THE USE OF COVER SPRAY If you are out hunting and forgot to or just don’t like to use scent cover, you can disguise your odor by snapping or breaking the branches or small twigs of trees or bushes, releasing the natural scent of the plant and covering up your own. I have tried this numerous times and animals that otherwise would have sniffed me out come right in as if I were wearing the best commercial cover spray. I truly believe this technique has helped me to kill more game and I hope that some of my fellow hunters will give it a try and get lucky in the woods. JOSEPH KORDSMEIER, Morrilton, Ariz.


  • CALCULATE THE TIME UNTIL SUNSET If you are hunting around sunset, and like me you don’t always wear a watch, here’s an easy way to figure how much time you’ve got before the sun goes down. Hold up your hand at arm’s length and stack your fingers in between the horizon and sun. Unless your hands are overly manly or grossly petite, each finger will account for roughly 15 minutes. So if you can place all four fingers with the horizon below your pinky and the sun on top of your trigger finger, you’ve got an hour of solid dove (or whatever) hunting left! BLAKE TOWSLEY, Dallas, Texas..