Mark a Blood Trail With Glow Sticks
On deer hunts, I always keep a few glow sticks in my pack. If I down a deer at dusk and it gets dark while I’m tracking it, I’ll tie the glow sticks to branches to mark the blood trail. Doing this makes it much easier to find my way back once the dragging starts. Just be sure to retrieve the glow sticks on your way back out.

Jason Coyle, York, Pa.

Avoid Thread Tangles When Fly Tying
When tying flies, I used to have trouble with a thread loop forming around the spool as I made wraps with the bobbin. The loop would then come off the spool and become wrapped around one of the bobbin arms. So I took a plastic coffee stirrer-straw and inserted it in the back of the bobbin tube, extending almost ½ inch to the spool. This keeps any slack from forming and eliminates thread tangles.
Richard Rehm, St. Louis, Mo.**

non-knife-winning tip of the month

“Don’t fry bacon naked.”

Jeff Olhausen, Anaconda, Mont.

Keep Spinnerbait Skirts on Longer
You can extend the life of a spinnerbait by securing or reattaching the skirt with a small plastic zip-tie. Simply wrap the tie around the skirt, cinch it tight, and trim the tag. The zip-tie provides a solid hold, and it doesn’t affect the performance of the lure.

James Zieziula, Tega Cay, S.C.