THE STEALTHY PITCH CAST should be in every bass angler’s arsenal. It’s ideal for when bass in clear water grow wary from intense fishing pressure. And with it you can get into places you couldn’t reach with an overhand cast, such as beneath overhanging tree limbs. Most pros pitch jigs, worms, or tubes, but the method works with virtually any lure. Use a stiff 6½-foot baitcasting rod.

1 Position your boat about 15 to 20 feet from your target.

2 Hold the rod at 1 o’clock and release the reel spool, lowering the lure until it’s dead even with the reel. Now grasp the lure in your free hand.

3 Drop the rod tip toward the surface of the water, pulling the lure back to you to put a bend in the rod tip.

4 Quickly raise the rod to around 1 o’clock as you let go of the lure. Feather the spool with your thumb to slow it down if necessary.

5 When this is properly executed, a pitched bait will skim just inches above the surface and hit its mark without making a loud splash that might spook bass.