Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Whether they weigh 5 pounds or 15, you can catch hefty largemouths in every state except Alaska. Where are the best waters in each to hook one? To find out, we went to the people who know best-the biologists and other professionals who manage bass fishing in each state, plus local tackle-shop owners, fishing writers, and fishing clubs. We asked them one simple question: What is the best water in the state to catch a record bass right now? While we were at it, we had them spill the beans about “sleeper” waters-places that may not get much attention but still offer great fishing or could become tomorrow’s top spots. Here are all those waters, plus information on each state’s current record largemouth. We’ve done the research. The rest is up to you.

>>Alabama – Illinois

>>Indiana – Missouri

>>Montana – Oregon

>>Pennsylvania – Wyoming