Dan Saelinger: www.dansaelinger.com
Dan Saelinger: www.dansaelinger.com

Building a spinner takes all of two minutes, and the only tool you need is a pair of needle-nose pliers. You can buy kits that include a range of bodies, blades, and beads (cabelas.com) or order parts individually for more customization (800-638-2723; www.jannsnetcraft.com). Here’s how to make one.

Step 1
Thread a treble hook onto an open-eye wire shaft.

Step 2
Pinch the ends of the shaft together and slide a spinner body over the top. Solid brass bodies add heft for deeper-running lures and greater castability. Trim any excess wire and add beads.

Step 3
Thread the blade onto the clevis, and slide the clevis onto the shaft. The blade’s concave side should face the body.

Step 4
Using your pliers, grasp the shaft firmly about 3/16 to ¿¿ inch above the clevis or terminal bead. Hold the pliers steady and slowly bend the shaft three-quarters of the way around the nose of the pliers and under the main shaft until you have formed a loop.

Step 5
Wrap the tag end of this loop tightly around the shaft twice, as close to the pliers as possible. Trim the end with wire cutters.

Quick Tip
Before you begin assembling the spinner, add desired details to components, such as paint or flash tape to blades, and squirrel-tail hair or colored tubing to treble hooks.