Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Only Field & Stream has the latest and most in-depth coverage of the story behind and controversy surrounding the 25-lb largemouth bass caught on March 20th in Lake Dixon, California. Check back often for regular updates.

Will This Fish Hold Three Records?
by Monte Burke Is the recently caught 25-pound largemouth already certified as both the number four and number nine bass of all time? If so, it was featured on the cover of Field & Stream two years ago.
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PLUS Bonus photo gallery: Compare snapshots and close-ups of the three bass and decide for yourself if they are the same fish
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The World Record Controversy
by Monte Burke
An inside account of the 25-pound bass that is turning the fishing world upside down–how it was caught, what witnesses saw, and what the successful anglers have to say.
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News Flash: Weakley Says Big Bass Won’t Be Record
by Dave Hurteau
Perry’s mark is safe as Weakley decides not to submit his giant catch to the IGFA
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