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To get more bites from bass and walleyes when you’re using braided superlines, you need to add amonofilament leader.

The easiest way to make a strong splice is to use a barrel swivel and two Palomar knots.Unfortunately, the swivel has to be kept outside the tip guide. Solve the problem by joining line and leader with back-to-back Uni knots instead. This connection isn’t as strong as the swivel method, but for most fishing with mono leaders, it’s plenty strong.

Step 1 Overlap about 18 inches of line and leader, end to end. Form one loop with the leader end and wrap five to six turns of leader within the loop and around bothlines. Pull slowly and firmly to tighten this knot.

Step 2 Form another loop with the end of the superline around the leader’s standing portion. Again, make five to six wraps of superline within the loop and aroundboth lines. Tighten.

Step 3 Pull on the standing portions of the superline and leader to slide the two knots firmly together. Trim the tag ends.