Travis Rathbone

All rope knots, no matter how expertly tied, eventually fail. A solution is the addition of a double constrictor knot. The knot, which is tied with p-cord or string, binds objects together and can concentrate pressure over a relatively small area. For instance: Lash the tag end of an anchor knot to the main line for extra strength after repeated dunking. Finish the end of a rope to prevent fraying. Cinch a gear bag by tying the mouth closed. Here’s how.


STEP 1 Lay the cord over the object you wish to secure. Make one complete turn around the object and bring the working end over the standing end of the cord. Then, wrap the working end around the object twice more.

Chris Philpot

STEP 2 Bring the working end of the cord over the standing end and then coax it under the turns created in Step 1.

Chris Philpot

STEP 3 Gently tug each end of the knot for uniform tension. Next, pull both ends firmly to secure. Now, just try and untie this knot.