Improve the Action of Your Surf Rod by Balancing the Butt

If you feel as though you've done several hours' worth of bicep curls at the gym after fishing the surf with plugs or crankbaits, your rod could be too tip-heavy. Fix it by adding weight to its butt. With a balanced rod, you'll be able to swim lures more easily and effectively, and catch more fish as a result. Here's how.

STEP 1 Take off your rod's butt cap. The interior of the rod blank will be hollow. Measure its diameter.

STEP 2 Buy several egg sinkers that will fit loosely into the blank.

STEP 3 With the reel on the rod, insert a sinker into the blank and temporarily replace the butt cap. Attempt to balance the rod across one finger at a spot just forward of the reel foot. Keep adding sinkers until you achieve that balance.

STEP 4 Remove the butt cap and take out the sinkers, then wrap them in electrician's tape until they form a package that fits snugly within the blank.

STEP 5 Slide the bundle into the butt of the blank and replace the cap securely.