Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

** Sudden Impact**
Bowhunters have long treasured cut-on-impact broadheads for their durability and penetration. Steelforce has taken those qualities to an extreme with their Premium Series broadheads. Constructed of knife-grade steel, individually ground, and hand-sharpened to a razor finish, the blades can be shot a dozen times before resharpening. And in one of the industry’s rarest deals, Steelforce offers lifetime sharpening for their entire line. Simply send your broadheads in at season’s end, and they’ll be rehoned, free of charge. About $19.95 for a package of three. 609-397-1990;

** Virtual Fishing for Kids**
What could be better for kids (and parents) than a chance to fish and learn at the same time? South Bend 4 Kids discovered the answer when they created their Learn 2 Fish CD-ROM, a fun, interactive game that teaches the basics of fishing. It covers everything from bait selection and casting instruction to virtual fishing in lakes and rivers. This disc is included with Mr. Big Fish for Kids, Pond Pals, and Amazing Fisherman spincast combos. Each model costs $12.95 and will be available in stores in January. 847-715-1400;