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1. Worden’s/Flatfish An old classic that is often overlooked as a great bass bait. $5;

2. Strike King/Bitsy Minnow The perfect bait when the water is clear and warm. $5;

**3. Rebel/Crawfish Floater **Crank it to the bottom-bass love to hit it on the rise. $4;

4. Bass Pro/Orion ETI Rib openings create fish-attracting turbulence. $6;

5. Yo-Zuri/Hardcore Deep Crank Type-3 A deep diver with reactionary eyespots. $9;

6. Cotton Cordell/Big Shallow O A great crank to cast in 2 to 5 feet of water. $5.20;

7. Rapala/Jointed Shad Rap It rattles and can be retrieved s-l-o-w-l-y. $5.50;

8. Excalibur/Fat Free Shad Jr. It runs 10 to 14 feet deep with a tight action. $6.80;

9. Luhr Jensen/Speed Trap A crank you can really rip fast. $4.50;

10. Strike King/Series 6 An extra-fat, deep-diving crank that will reach 16 feet. $5;

11. Cotton Cordell/Wiggle O Dives 6 to 8 feet and has big nasty eyes. $5.20;

12. H&T;/Balsa Bait A custom crank by a company whose lures have won over $1.3 million in tournaments. $23;

13. Norman/Mad N A member of a family of hard baits that many pro tournament anglers covet. $4.50;

**14. Worden’s/Fatfish **A deep diver that has a slow, wide action. $4;

**15. Bomber/Bomber “A” **A new flat finish on an old reliable. $5.50;

16. Strike King/Series 1 A small, shallow diver that’s great in heavy cover. $5;

17. Berkley/Frenzy Diver Pro This bait helped Jay Yelas win the BASS Masters Classic. $4.50;

**18. Ambush/Rattl’n Diver **Water flowing through the center chamber creates sonic vibration. $7.50;

19. Bass Pro/Homer’s Tri-Vibe Three pull points let you change action and depth. $5;

20. Berkley/Frenzy Rattl‘r This lipless crank works great in the rocks. $4.50;

21. Rat-L-Trap/2000 Series A classic is updated with nickel Teflon hooks. $5;

22. Owner/Bugeye Bait This surface-film frog bait will gurgle across the water. $11;

23. Boing/Table Rock Shad A handmade beauty that makes a boing sound with the slightest twitch. $22;

24. Rapala/Skitter Walk Even the inexperienced can walk-the-dog with this rattling lure. $5;

25. Ambush/Pop-a-Long Natural Frog This lure has a wild erratic walk. $9;

26. Rebel/Crickhopper Popper This little chugger works wonders on a late summer evening. $5.80;

27. Daiwa/TD Popper Zero The only lure that pops and gurgles-thanks to holes in the gill plates. $18;

28. Luhr Jensen/Johnny Rattler The first topwater bait to make noise still makes an absolute racket. $7;

29. Yo-Zuri/Hardcore Super Shallow A magnetic weight system delivers noise and action. $9;

30. Heddon/Wounded Zara Spook It’s the granddaddy of topwater baits. $5;

31. Bass Pro/Topknocker Few surface baits are louder than this model. $4;

32. High Rollerr/Pop Roller This custom finesse lure has a gorgeous finish. $10;

33. Storm/ThunderStick It has a wonderful action and trolls flawlessly. $4;

34. Owner/Rip’n Minnow RM55-04 This little suspended bait has the most realistic eyes around. $11;

35. Owner/Rip’n Minnow RM65-04 A loud rattler that can be worked very slowly. $13;

36. Lucky Craft/Pointer 78 DD A lure with great action and an enticing finish. $16;

37. Y0-Zuri/Hardcore Shad A very popular floating bait that dives to a respectable 11 feet. $9;

38. Smithwick/Suspending Rogue Jr. A counterbalanced weight shifts while you retrieve this famous lure. $4.50;

39. Daiwa/TD Minnow Dartist G A fine-crafted Japanese bait that suspends at 3 feet. $18;

40. Rapala/Husky Jerk It throws like a dream and makes a ton of noise. $5;