Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Field Logic | GlenDel 3-D Buck Target
Go ahead-practice with broadheads until you can’t raise your arms. This life-size 3-D deer target incorporates a chest area made of layered foam that permits easy, two-finger arrow removal, even with broadheads. A hinged and pinned top panel allows the foam insert to be both tightly packed and easily replaced. $245; 715-395-9955;

2. Golden Key | Futura Arrow Trap
An arrow nocked and in this “trap” won’t fall off the string even if you turn the bow upside down. Incorporating Golden Key’s popular TM Hunter rest system with an innovative rubber-tubing-coated bracket, the Futura gently surrounds the arrow shaft. It is easy to set up and tune and releases the arrow cleanly. _$60; 970-249-6700; _

3. Bushnell | Yardage Pro Quest Laser Rangefinder Binocular
By combining an 8×36 binocular with a laser rangefinder, Bushnell has given the bowhunter a single piece of equipment that can help spot and evaluate game while pinpointing its distance to the yard. Tested extensively during spring bear season, it performed flawlessly, even in the rain. It’s ideal for tree-standers. _$912; 800-423-3537; _

4. Cobra | Sidewinder
Fiber-optic bow sights are all the rage, and Cobra’s new Sidewinder uses over 2 feet of fiber cable per pin, creating so much surface area for light gathering that you’d swear these devices were battery-powered. The fibers are wrapped inside a clear, unobtrusive drum, and the sight is easily adjusted.; $60¿¿¿$75; 800-352-6272. www