Riding in the snow is tons of fun. The snow fills in all of the deep ruts and smoothes out the ride — it feels like a whole new ATV experience. I love the feeling of blasting through pillowy-soft snow banks. But all this fun can get ruined once the snow gets too deep. Instead of exploring the winter wonderland you spend all of your time getting stuck. That is when tracks come in.

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The principal design advantage of tracked-over wheeled vehicles is that they are in contact with a larger surface area, and as a result exert a much lower force per unit area on the ground being traversed than a conventional wheeled vehicle of the same weight.

This makes them suitable for use on soft, low friction and uneven ground such as mud, ice and snow. But on the other end of the spectrum, tracks are a more complex mechanism than a wheel, and relatively prone to failure modes such as snapped or derailed tracks.

The guys at have created this dreamy video of tracked ATV floating blissfully through the powder.