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Designed specifically to promote catch-and-release fishing, the BogaGrip Model 315 will land, handle, and weigh your catch with ease and without injury or unnecessary stress to the fish. The trigger sleeve that slides along the stainless-steel main tube is an easily operated opening and closing mechanism that locks firmly, but harmlessly, onto the fish’s lower jaw, allowing you time for a picture before you return the fish to water. An accurately calibrated precision scale embossed on the main tube will handle fish up to 151.4 pounds-if it’s over 151.4 pounds, the Model 130 will handle twice as much weight. The BogaGrip is saltwaterproof, clips on to apparel for easy access, and stores neatly in most tackle boxes. About $100 for Model 315 (shown), $120 for Model 130. Call 256-831-9682 for a dealer near you.