The new Buttoneye Minnow is a casting plug of a different color-literally-and the most innovative lure to come along in years. The Buttoneye lure system comes with one hard-bodied, long-casting, treble-hook plug; seven interchangeable, soft, scented ‘skins’ that slip on over the plug and attach to its protruding 3-D eyes; and six stick-on holographic foil strips. With one lure and a little imagination, you can fish a wide variety of color combinations. Available in three plug models: a topwater ‘walker,’ a diver/suspender shad, and a slow-sinking shad (all with built-in rattle chambers), as well as a soft, weedless jerkbait with rattling eyes that snap onto any offset hook. About $13. Cotee Industries, Dept. FS, 6045 Sherwin Dr., Port Richey, FL 34668; 727-845-3737.