The Platinum ZX PZX-100 is a handsome round caster built on one-piece stainless steel housing and side plates that are nickel-plated. The frame, stainless steel spool and line guide sport titanium plating. There’s a larger model in the series. But where the Fish Eagle spinning reel (above) got it right, this one left us wondering. Unless this was a first-run sample without glitches worked out, there were some problems. One veteran bass angler thought the spool-tensioning adjustment set up the reel well for either pitching or casting but not both. As for tightening down the drag with the star control, ‘You could have used a hammer,’ said one tester. No one liked the free-spool, thumb-bar button that was designed to depress only on one side when pushed down. But most agreed the reel could ‘cast a country mile.’