The Escape Series ETR81-3 HC-20 is the heavy-duty, plug-casting entry of this line of three-piece rods that can handle everything from trout to tiger fish. Loomis built the 16-model series to dispel the notion that multipiece rods are casual make-do tools to pack on trips. These are focused-action rods aimed at the serious traveling angler for whom arriving at a destination with tackle missing is not an option. Although our testers noted the rod’s high price (inherent in quality multiple-section rods), they found the workmanship to be ‘fabulous’ and the balance ‘beautiful for a three-piece.’ Some reviewers thought this model would also fill in just fine for flipping or as a big bait rod. In the realm of heavy-duty blanks, one reviewer felt that, ‘If you were limited to one rod, this would be it.’