Due to overwhelming demand, Powell has brought back a longtime favorite, the Light Touch Traditional series fly rod (‘LTT’) for the year 2000. The new three-piece LTTs, enhanced with Powell’s ‘Traditional Action,’ are medium-fast action rods, with a quick yet light casting feel, and no undue stiffness. In addition, Powell’s unique Low Profile Ferruling System allows a smooth and consistent transfer of energy while casting, mending, and picking up line. The emerald-green rods, wrapped in green dun with silver tipping, and Powell’s Hidden Hood Aluminum reel seat and maple wood insert, make these rods as easy to admire as they are to use. The four models-7-foot 9-inch 3-weight, 8-foot 3-inch 4-weight, 8-foot 9-inch 5-weight, and 9-foot 3-inch 5-weight-retail between $460 and $470. % 916-852-2150 for information;