The Penn International 955 is a new baitcasting reel, for light saltwater/medium-heavy freshwater use ($190), distinctive for its stainless-steel gears, line clicker, and high-quality carbon drag washer (the same material that is used in Penn’s big-game reels). Whether casting or trolling, this reel can tame big fish and take a lot of punishment. Its other features include level-wind line spooling, a titanium nitridecoated guide, one-piece aluminum frame, continuous anti-reverse, 4.75:1 gear ratio, and a capacity of 210 yards of 12-pound line. A slight negative for some users is the side location of the free-spool button, though this is necessary for saltwater use. A bigger levelwind model for inshore and offshore bruisers is the new International 975 ($220). Contact Penn at 215-229-9415;