Lure makers have spent more than a century trying to build weedless lures, most of which have turned out to be also fishless. This 80-year-old design has the essential attribute: It works. Basically a large single hook attached to the back of a spoon with a single-wire weedguard, Silver Minnows allow even novice anglers to probe weedbeds with near-impunity. The spoon is commonly rigged with a white pork-rind strip (or soft-plastic substitute) for added wiggle when fished for pickerel, pike, or bass in heavy cover. Retrieve with a high rod tip to skitter the spoon on its back over thick lily pads. Then lower your rod to drop the spoon in an open pocket of water. Sizes vary. A 1.24-ounce spoon does well for perch and other panfish; target muskies with a 11.8-ounce magnum version. Redfish, seatrout, bass, and pike anglers use middleweight styles.