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Field & Stream Online Editors

How do you find the perfect deer rifle,the one you can depend on absolutely when a 12-point steps into a clearing at 150 yards? How do you find the gun that was best designed for the challenges of waterfowl, turkeys, or upland game? In the last decade, such guns have reached an evolutionary peak. For every game species, gunmakers have created the ultimate tool, a firearm that responds perfectly to a hunter’s needs. They’ve considered weight, choke, barrel length, durability, gauge, caliber, and other factors-anything and everything to help you bring home the game. These are not the most expensive guns available (although a few are pretty costly), or the most powerful, or even the newest. They are simply the tools that will get the job done. In a word, perfect. -The Editors

Click here for DEER GUNS * A lot of things go into a great whitetail rifle, but they all come down to one need: consistent accuracy.

Click here for ELK & MULE DEER GUNS * You can use a whitetail gun to hunt mule deer but for elk you should bet on an elk rifle chambered for an elk cartridge.

Click here for UPLAND GUNS * Light weight, quick maneuverability, and dual barrels are earmarks of the ultimate gun for flushing birds.

Click here for TURKEY GUNS * The best turkey gun shoots like a rifle, doesn’t attract attention, and puts a lot of lead into a small space.

Click Here for WATERFOWL GUNS * Beauty is only skin deep on a good duck and goose gun. It’s durability, reliability, and power that bring home birds.