The most important 2 pounds I take on any (actually, every) hunt is a zippered nylon bag that measures 8x4x1 inch. It’s my rifle repair kit, and it has saved not only my bacon but the pork of other people on several occasions–most recently in Africa, where a busted scope had to be replaced.

The cleaning rod is not for cleaning bores but for knocking stuck cases out of chambers. Any short and strong takedown rod will do. (A small-diameter rod works in all bore sizes.) Here are two other hints: Always carry a spare scope with a long tube that will fit a wide variety of mounts, and if you do work on a gun, do it over a bunk or a sleeping bag so when you drop small parts you can find them again.

My kit contains:**
[1]** a Lyman interchangeable-bit screwdriver**
[2]** a gunsmith bedding tool**
[3]** a Leupold multitool with Torx- and hex-head screwdrivers
[4] a set of small Allen wrenches (for working on triggers)**
[5]** a collection of patches
[6] a multisection .270-caliber steel cleaning rod and, when I don’t have to fly, a bottle of Rem Oil.