stoeger P350 shotgun
Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

THE INSIDE STORY Stoeger’s new P350 is a 3 ¿¿-inch magnum pump made for duck blinds, goose pits, and the turkey woods. With its rotary bolt, extra-long forearm, tall vent rib, and grooved synthetic buttstock, it bears a strong resemblance to sister company Benelli’s Nova pump. Made by Vursan in Turkey, the P350 carries a price tag so low that it reads like a typo.

With its turkey choke installed, the P350 handled Federal Heavyweights with aplomb, outshooting my pet Mossberg 835 turkey gun. The P350 put its pellets right where I pointed it, although the large orange bead is bigger than I would choose for accurate turkey shooting. When I covered up the head of a turkey target with that orange blob, scads of holes appeared in my paper gobbler’s vitals after I pulled the mushy-but-not-too-heavy (about 5 pounds) trigger.

I tested a 26-inch barreled version, which was heavy enough to absorb the recoil of heavy waterfowl loads. Its weight-forward balance smoothed my swing when I shot clay targets. My first sample gun had magazine latch problems, which resulted in the occasional jam when I loaded three shells. I exchanged it for another, which functioned properly.

The alloy-receivered P350 comes apart easily for cleaning. Looking at its innards, I was impressed by the stoutness of the action bars, which can often bend and bind on pump guns. Now, for the nitpicking: The safety button is too small, the bead is too big, and it should come with a shim kit for those who would prefer less drop in the stock.

GAUGE 12, 3 1/2-inch magnum chamber

PRICE $329 in camo; $269 in black

WEIGHT 7 pounds 11 ounces with 26-inch barrel

BARREL 26-inch, vent rib (tested); 18 ¿¿-, 24-, and 28-inch available; orange bead; comes with Cylinder, IC, M, F, and Turkey chokes

STOCK Synthetic, Advantage Timber HD camo (tested); also available in Max-4 and basic black

STOCK DIMENSIONS 1 5/8 inches at comb, 2 ¿¿ inches at heel, 14 ¿¿-inch length of pull