The B< Elite 4000 was one of the best scopes around. Now, as the 4200, it is unique, because it’s the only rifle scope whose external lenses are fogproof. This is accomplished by a superhard permanent coating called RainGuard. If you honk your moisture-laden breath on it, it won’t fog: Water can’t streak it, and its light transmission is exceedingly high, resulting in a very bright image. Even in a toad-strangling downpour, the worst you’ll get is tiny droplets of water on the lenses, so you’ll still be able to take the shot. RainGuard-coated lenses are available on the entire Bausch & Lomb Elite 4200 line: 1.5X6X, 2.5X10X (shown here), 4X16X, 6X24X, and 36X. Prices, and scopes, at your B< dealer. Contact Bushnell at 913-752-3400.-D.E.P.