Nobody makes ammo or reloading components for the 7.35mm any more. While you can reform brass from a couple of other calibers, nobody makes bullet, and they’re a real odd size, about .300″ in diameter, rather than the .308″ of normal .30-caliber bullets. Hornady used to make a 128-grain bullet that did OK on deer, and you might find a box or two at a gun show or through a rare ammo dealer. Or you might be able to swage down 125-130 grain .308″ diameter bullets with special dies. But it really isn’t worth the trouble. Buy your boy a light, short 7mm-08 Remington (as made by almost every American manufacturer) and he’ll have a much better deer and elk rifle than the 7.35mm. Ammo’s easily available, and you probably won’t spend any more money than you would on specialized reloading equipment for your 7.35mm.