Field & Stream Online Editors

Q: I have a vision problem that allows me to see the target clearly or my iron sights clearly, but not both. When I look through a scope there’s a “cloud” around the outer edge of a standard scope field because I’ve lost much of my peripheral vision. What about a wide-field scope or fiber optics?–C.

A:Unless the cloud around the edge of a scope’s view covers the target, go with the scope. The edge of the field of view is irrelevant; only the center and the reticle matter.

If you really prefer iron sights, you might try a receiver (“peep”) sight with a wide aperture and a Williams Fire Sight front bead, which uses red fiber-optics. These show up against any background, and just might work. Try the bead by itself first and see if it shows up well with your vision. Brownell’s (641-623-4000) sells them for under $15.

Q: Can you safely fire .22 Short and .22 Long cartridges in a revolver chambered for the .22 Long Rifle?–R.Y.

** A: ** Yes. In fact you can safely fire .22 Short and Long cartridges in any firearm chambered for the .22 Long Rifle, though Shorts may not cycle through some actions. Longs work in most guns chambered for the Long Rifle, except some autoloaders, because the Long doesn’t generate enough backthrust to open the action.