Because of a file error, we mistakenly ran a photo of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm with a piece that was critical of PETA in our November 2006 Bullet Points section (Heroes & Villains, page 22). Actually, Governor Granholm is a hero to hunters and fishermen.

This year, Granholm signed two laws expanding hunting opportunities for Michigan youths. One lowers the big-game (deer and elk) minimum age from 14 to 12. The second lets kids of 10, supervised on private land, start hunting without first attending a hunter-ed class.

This is not Granholm’s first action to benefit hunters. In 2004, Granholm and state lawmakers ended Michigan’s 99-year ban on mourning dove hunting. Although a petition circulated in 2005 garnered enough signatures to end the hunt, the question will be put before Michigan voters on election day.

We regret the error.–The Editors