Folks in Bolivar, Missouri, don’t mess around when they talk about bringing their kids up to love hunting. On a single April Saturday, a National Wild Turkey Federation chapter puts close to 200 young turkey hunters in the woods. Each gets a guide, a big celebration in the local school gym, and a patch of Missouri hardwoods where they tangle with ol’ tom. Check out this first video of our visit there.

We’re calling this concept Field & Streamville, and we’ve been kicking it around for a while now. The idea is that there are places in America where hunting and fishing is the heart and soul of small rural communities. Places where opening day for pheasant season or deer season or, heck, even squirrel season, ranks just barely behind Christmas. We’re convinced there are lots of towns and rural crossroads out there where the town spirit looks pretty much like a page out of Field & Stream. And we’re wondering if something like Field & Streamville might be a super way to tell their stories. What do you think?